I submitted a request to Thurow Plumbing through Angie’s List and Brad called me within an hour. We needed a new garbage disposal and tub faucet replacement, and he spent a good 15 minutes on the phone explaining the options and answering my questions, even though the job was scheduled for 10 days later. His brother arrived to do the work and was just as impressive with taking his time to explain and do the job well. Another plumbing company had failed on the tub faucet (frozen shower spigot due to lack of use and mineral buildup), but Thurow simply replaced it and got it done quickly. However, when we questioned whether another sink faucet needed replacement, he said lubricating the cartridge would do just fine…and it did! I felt like they provided excellent information and cost-effective services. I keep their business card handy and will definitely call them again!

Description of work:

Garbage disposal replaced, tub faucet replaced, opinion on bathroom faucet replacement

Abby Plambeck

Great job and cheaper than any others I called. Agreed to come same day. Leak turned out to be coming from tub above; he ended up having to change the tub drain, faucet, and overflow valve. Mine was so old, his tools didn’t even work. The replacement pieces weren’t even the same size or shape. This guy was so patient with me, and the job. He went above and beyond to make things work. He was creative with caulk, and, surprisingly , by the end of it, everything looked and worked great!

Description of work:

Leak in basement

Cindy Tellock

It went beautifully, thanks to the excellent plumber! Thurow Plumbing was booked through the following week, but because of our situation, they very, very kindly sent one of their plumbers after work hours to help us out. This young man did an exceptional job — all cheerfully — even checking the tub faucet and replacing it. All three are now working perfectly!!! We are so grateful to Thurow Plumbing for their kindness.

Description of work:

We had two bathroom sinks — one totally plugged up and the other very close to it! And the City of Milwaukee Water Department notified us they were coming to our location to install a new water main!

Marionne Koenigsberg

I have had this plumber come to our house three times now (blame that on the old fixtures and little kids who like to destroy things). Each time he has been kind, efficient, and very reasonable. He goes above and beyond to fix the problem and clean up after the work is done. The one and only time we called him in an emergency and he wasn’t available, he got us quickly in touch with someone who could help immediately. I highly recommend this business.

Description of work:

Toilet repair, garbage disposal installation

Timothy Schmidt

They did a great job! We had a leak that was hard to locate because we have a finished basement. He took his time and figured out where the leak was. The job required a lot of tearing up the wall because of where the leak was coming from. His communication throughout the process was excellent. He did a great job cleaning up as well. It’s great to have a contractor that absolutely wants the customer happy before he leaves.

Description of work:

Diagnose location of a leak and repair pipe

Jay Perkins

Technician was very professional and let me know he was taking calls for the office. The price was as quoted. Water heater was installed in two hours.

Description of work:

Replaced water heater

Darlene Rivas
Brad has done work at both my old house and my new one. A few years back I got a tankless water heater and when Brad showed up to install it he had never installed a tankless one before because they were pretty new then. It was a challenge and he had to learn it as he went along but he never once lost his patience or seemed frustrated. I was really impressed with his concern and he was committed to making sure everything was perfect before he was done. I wouldn’t call any body else
Karin S

I have used this firm twice, each for a different apartment unit. Initially I was remodeling an apartment unit and one of the other trades recommended Thurow. I obtained bids and Thurow was one of the lowest and definitely the most professional and easiest to work with. Brad always recommends the most cost effective way to handle a problem and will advise us if it is something that a DIY property owner can handle. The first time I used Thurow was plumbing for a kitchen remodeling and the general laundry room. In the second case they handled a bathroom remodel. I have also called them for minor work. Typically I select a contractor first on location, then price and other factors. He is definitely my plumber from now on

Jake K

Two summers ago we remodeled our bathroom. Brad was really awesome about being flexible with us as we were doing much of the work ourselves and our time frames kept changing. He was really great explaining to my husband what he was doing and why. We have had him back to do other work since. I keep his business cards in my purse, still.

Lora R

It was a pleasure to work with Brad Thurow, a young entrepreneur.  His professional and friendly manner is an asset. He was flexible in scheduling.  Brad was able to make on the job changes and thinks about possible future plans for the area. All of his fee charges are reasonable.  I would recommend his company for your plumbing needs. 

Sharri K
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